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Here we discuss any and all topics that can generate online revenue, from freelancing through to FBA, dropshipping, blogging, etc.

It's a tough balance. I don't think you can avoid overwhelm - it's part of the process.

Staying motivated is also difficult and it's not unusual to become demotivated. The thing I think is important is recognising that state and... (More)

If you're using Xmind to present something, then PowerPoint is better in most cases, because it's a dedicated presentation software, whereas Xmind is a brainstorming / planning tool.

The one exception where I prefer to use Xmind over PowerPoint to... (More)

To me that sounds like personal use. Commercial usually means that you will make money from it. For example, if a person makes mindmaps and then sells them, that would be commercial use. There is also 'business' use, which is... (More)